Rent-A-Roast Skewers Corporate America

Comedy Team Targets Businesses Looking for a New Way to "Honor" Their VIPs With "A Hilarious Evening of Loving Disrespect"

LAS VEGAS, NV-- America's corporate funny bone is about to get really tickled. Taking a cue from the old Dean Martin Roasts that ran for years on NBC and a variety of new Roast Shows coming from the "Comedy Central Channel", a team of top Hollywood Comedy writers and producers have formed Las Vegas VIP Rent-A-Roast, an entertainment company that produces "Roast-A-Monials" for corporate America and all kinds of personal events too.

What is a "Roast-A-Monial?" (Comedy Roast) According to one of the company's founders, Michael Callie, it's a great way to honor your boss or recognize a corporate VIP or a friend or family member with a professionally staged and produced Comedy Roast Show. "Our Roasts offer a unique way to acknowledge and humorously exaggerate the Guest of Honor's accomplishments, foibles and eccentricities through jokes, one-liners and anecdotes which are never harmful nor necessarily true-but always funny," says Callie. "Our client provides the Guest of Honor and their choice for the Dais speakers, and then, based on their input, we plan and produce the Roast program, including (if necessary) throwing in a couple of comics for the Dais as well as a top-of-the-line professional (and very funny) Roastmaster, in a custom-written, Comedy Roast Show." Callie added that his company can even supply the Music and Comedy Decor if the client so desires. He goes on to say, "that their Comedy Roast shows are not designed to make thier VIP's 'bleed' -- but to make them laugh."

Callie sees businesses and people of all stripes as a target for his company's "affectionate" barbs. "Corporate planners and Hotel sales managers have told us time and again how they struggle to find something new and different for their company or personal gatherings. They're pretty much tired of hiring the perfunctory and usually 'boring' band with the standard boy/girl singer and hanging some balloons around the room. They're starved for new ideas, and a Comedy Roast Show is a "can't miss" entertainment theme for any type of party."

Companies are employing Las Vegas VIP Rent-A-Roast to entertain their employees, loved ones, associates, clients, key customers-- and even their competitors in one funny and memorable event. "It's the best company morale booster and P.R. party of them all," says Roast co-founder Bob Levy. "Roasting the boss, key executives, salesman of the year or soon-to-be retirees is a unique way to salute a worthy individual while creating a memeorable and laugh-filled evening for everyone in the audience."

Together with partner Biff Manard, the third member of the founding trio, this Comedy company has more than 90 years of collective 'Show Biz' experience in the laugh-manufacturing business (including writing, performing and producing over 250 "private" Comedy roast shows to date). They have written for such television shows as "The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson," "Laugh-In," "The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour," "Make Me Laugh," "Hollywood Squares," "Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts," "The Carol Burnett Show," in addition to writing special material for Robin Williams, Rodney Dangerfield, Alan King, Henny Youngman, Joan Rivers, David Letterman, Jay Leno and other legendary comedians (to name a few) --including writing and producing two of the funniest and most successful Comedy Joke Movies in the late seventies, "If You Don't Stop It...You'll Go Blind!!! and its sequel, "Can I Do It 'Til I Need Glasses?"

"The beauty of it," adds main Roastmaster (or as he calls himself, "Chief Insultant") Biff Manard, "is that we can do these Roasts anywhere: hotels, banquet halls, night clubs, homes, restaurants--We even did one at my cousin's funeral. Talk about a 'dead' audience..... We bring the Roast to wherever the client wants it. After all, our corporate motto is "Have Insults Will Travel."

Besides the standard and always funny "Friars Club"/"Dean Martin"/"Comedy Central" roast format, Las Vegas VIP Rent-A-Roast has its always popular and hilarious classic, "This is Your Life Roast" as part of its basic Comedy Menu. "Comedy Roasts," says Manard, "besides being a great group entertainment tool for all business, sports, or personal parties, are also a proven and effective fund raising vehicle for any charity or political event... It is a well known fact that a Roast really brings out the attendance for any fund raiser. And we all know, the more people that show up, the bigger the 'take' is at the door."

Should a company or individual be restricted in time, logistics or budget to do a full Comedy Roast program, LVVIPRAR, offers its clients another unique service, the "Do It Yourself" Comedy Roast Program. They supply all the Jokes and Patter, as well as a comprehensive Planning Guide of a "How To Do It" list for the client to plan and perform their own Comedy Roast. Levy emphasizes that the company also does Roasts for non-corporate occasions, too. "Birthdays, anniversaries, bachelor/bachelorette parties, anniversaries, charity/civic fund raisers, sporting event dinners, you name it, we do it--- and we don't spare anyone -- everyone in the audience is a 'target.' As we say at Las Vegas VIP Rent-A-Roast, "If you don't have anything nice to say about someone...Let's hear it!," kids Levy. "Our shows are not only funny but they can be very sentimental too. After we finish a Roast, there usually isn't a dry eye (or 'seat') in the house."

"People consider being roasted a real honor," say Callie, "It's a sign of affection and admiration. People don't Roast a Sadam Hussein, they only hang 'em'." And, despite all the good-natured kidding, laughter and joking that takes place at one one of our Shows, a Roast really communicates to the VIP just how much he or she is loved and respected".......... Unlike Rodney Dangerfield.

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